SHIFT (Employee Management System)

SHIFT is designed to help you to streamline your employee resources and improve inner workings of your organization, by providing your HR staff to deliver a fast and effective HRM solution.
Requirements for SHIFT :

  • 5.3<=PHP Version<=5.5
  • Curl Extension Enabled
  • Live Server ( Recommended : Apache with PHP and Mysql )
  • Mysql Database
  • PDO Extension

Full specification

Fully pre-integrated modules such as personal information management, leave management, employee self service, payroll management, awards, holidays, reports and statistics, notice board and claims ensure that your data is always accurate and automatically kept in synch with no effort.
It describes the interaction between Company and its Employees. This system allows HR activities and processes to occur.

  • Employee can manage his/her Self-service module
  • Notice board are added to display information for the employees
  • Report module which handles employee based payslips and company(yearly) based payslips
  • Employee can apply claims for approval
  • Awards are added for employee motivation
  • Keep me Logged in function is define
  • New way of managing and marking Attendance every day
  • Keeps records of Employee Personal Details as well as Official Details
  • Maintain all departments records with all permission(s) and process rights
  • View of Total Numbers of Holidays,Employees and Departments and many more..
Demo Credentials

Main Site : https://www.shifthrm.com/

Admin :
Link :http://www.shifthrm.com/demo/
Username : company
Pass : demo1234

HR Employee :
Link :http://www.shifthrm.com/demo/
Username : hr
Pass : demo1234

Employee :
Link :http://www.shifthrm.com/demo/
Username : employee
Pass : demo1234