Courier Management System

Manage activities such as maintain customers details, booking a courier, maintain hub details, returns details, details of the incoming couriers, maintain company details, Receivers details and many other things.

Requirements for Courier :
  • 5.3<=PHP Version<=5.5
  • Curl Extension Enabled
  • Live Server ( Recommended : Apache with PHP and Mysql )
  • Mysql Database
  • PDO Extension

Full specification

Add and manage shipper details, receiver details and shipment details. Track shipment location.Store and manage details about destination routes, details regarding to vehicles that use for transporting.
Employee will enter information to the database about both customer & item details. Check whether that item can be delivered to that destination.

  • Customs Services and Support
    1. Keep records of Necessary details of Customers like Name, Phone no, Address, Email, Locations;
    2. Can specify Status of the Customer;
    3. Created Time and Date of Customer can also View;
  • Security Regards
    1. Site Settings of Configuration Information like:
      • Company Name, Company Address, Upload Logo ect;
    2. Admin security is also provided related to Password;
  • Monitors Reports
    1. Can view Delivered Shipment with its Status,Origin and Destination;
    2. View Shipment according to Date with its status;
    3. Can Add, Edit, Delete Mode of Bookings, Payments Mode, Status, Location, Type Of Shipments
  • Shipment Settlement
    1. You can specify Type of shipment;
    2. Departure time and date is mention;
    3. Origin and Destination can be specify;
    4. Expected Delivery Date and pickup date and time can also specify
  • Shipment Status
    1. You can Track your courier;
    2. Can Check Updated Status with details like:
      • Update Time and Date;
      • Destination of Parcel can be Checked;
  • Other Functionality
    1. International Logistics Functionality
      • Help selecting air or ocean carriers;
      • Calculates value-added taxes, cross-border fees, and freight forwarding charges;
Demo Credentials

Admin Login :
Link :http://iwcnapps.com/demo/courier
Username : admin@gmail.com
Pass : demo

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