Big Data and AI

Big data and artificial intelligence have a synergistic relationship. AI requires a massive scale of data to learn and improve decision-making processes and big data analytics leverages AI for better data analysis.


It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.

– Godfrey Reggio

Artificial intelligence is making machines smart enough to replicate human actions. The world is reforming with AI, and you can see technology replacing the workforce to perform simple and complex tasks with utmost accuracy. The design of AI technology is a successful experiment in representing the cognitive functions of the human brain.

John McCarthy coined the term AI at a workshop in the year 1956 at Dartmouth College. It has been progressing and reforming the world since then by maximizing productivity and executing functions flawlessly.

The entire system of AI is dependent on algorithms like machine learning and deep learning. You can witness the change this human-like technology is bringing into the world. There are robots to serve the orders in a restaurant, self-driving automobiles, drones to deliver your shopping orders, and many more practical uses that bring comfort to our lifestyle. Diverse industries like health care, automobile, e-commerce, retail implement AI in their routine practices to offer an effortless experience to their customers and build a unique space among the competitors.


Industries are using machines to perform human work speedily and without any flaw. Various companies are leveraging the power of AI to impart innovation to the world. It helps in maximizing revenue while providing comfort to the customers.


AI is revolutionizing the way the world operates. The potential for innovation with this emerging technology is endless. Each industrial segment of the world is now looking to move ahead by taking advantage of AI.


AI is not entirely perfect, and there are certain disadvantages to this futuristic technology. The other side of AI is dark and can have some critical consequences:-


Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.

– Stewart Brand

Data proves to be an asset to an organization. Data refers to the values in various forms that computers process to generate valuable insights. Big data is a large volume of information that increases exponentially with time. Conventional tools do not apply to analyze big data.

Big data analytics help companies to make better decisions for the future. The term is a combination of various concepts like data framework, data analytics, data mining, and much more. There are diverse sources to gather big data and store it in a secure place. Any enterprise can utilize the potential strength of big data to figure out upcoming trends and grow their business economically.

Corporations use high powered software to deconstruct the big data for ascertaining relevant information. It comprises complex data series that a traditional tool is not able to analyze. The different types of big data treasure valuable insights that can give an upper hand in the competition to companies out there.


There are three types of big data:


The features of big data describe the definition and broad aspect of this concept. Different attributes of big data emphasize the importance of this field in the business world today. Following distinguishable features are listed below:-


Big data aims to increase the profitability of the business by providing valuable information. Companies implement the actionable insights derived from this voluminous data with advanced analytical tools for prolonged growth.

These technologies have paved the way towards achievements helping in maximizing revenue while providing comfort to the customers.

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